Vineyard Update 17.05.21

Cuxton Parish Council have been actively engaged with the Vineyard company since the autumn of 2019.  The Chairman attended 2 informal meetings between the company and the chairman and clerks of Luddesdown and Cobham at this time.

During the Covid pandemic all our parish councillors attended a virtual meeting with the CEO and marketing manager, who where we asked questions related to the picking, transport and processing of the grapes, accommodation for migrant workers and where a processing plant would be located. We also asked if there were plans for a visitor centre. They could not answer all the questions as the final decisions have not been made. We have also been in touch with them over concerns raised by a resident of Upper Bush about the location of a portable office building that has been successfully resolved.

We have been in contact with Medway planning department and are aware that 2 scheduled pre-planning application presentation meetings have been cancelled by the vineyard company as their plans are incomplete. We have also had a meeting with the head of planning and the officer responsible for section 106 in regard to this project and the traffic lights. All these meetings have been attended by all our parish councillors outside of monthly full council meetings.

The parish council have approached the vineyard company at the beginning of February and again in April but they said they had still not finalised their plans. They were emailed again in early May to ask what the surveying work is about and to ask if a meeting can now be scheduled.

Please be assured the parish council are monitoring the situation closely.