About Us

About Us

Cuxton Parish Council consists of parish councillors, elected every 4 years by the residents of Cuxton. They are tasked with making decisions that affect the village, including how the village precept money will be spent. Parish councillors do not get paid for this role.

Currently the Parish Council has 11 councillors, who all reside in Cuxton, please see our Council Members page for full details about each Councillor.

The Parish Councillors meet:

  • Monthly, in the library, at Main Council meetings that are open to the public.
  • Whenever a situation warrants it, at Extraordinary Council meetings, in the Pavillion.
  • At their respective, regular committee meetings, in the Pavillion.

Please see our Committees page for further details.

The Parish Council operate within a set a of principles called ” standing orders”. To read the latest edition of our standing orders, please use the link below.

Standing Orders