Pavilion Redevelopment Plan

Pavilion Redevelopment Plan

The latest update regarding the pavilion redevelopment can been found in the May edition of the Cuxton Noticeboard which is available on the Parish Council website and in the noticeboards located around the village.



Cuxton Parish Council would like to thank all the residents who responded to the recent survey regarding the pavilion redevelopment and its funding. We appreciate your patience.


The Parish Clerk is currently undertaking random sampling to verify the responses. However, given the keen interest in the survey, the Parish Council has decided to share the preliminary results whilst this process is ongoing.


The Clerk has undertaken a validation process to confirm the residency of all respondents and has removed any duplicate responses from the same household.


The initial results of the survey show:

  • 59.7% of residents support the redevelopment project.
  • 53.6% agreed they were prepared to pay an increase in the council tax precept to partially finance the redevelopment.


However, the Parish Council understands residents feel strongly (for and against) the redevelopment. Therefore, no ultimate decision will be made until:


  1. The random sampling has been completed and the results are recalculated as needed.
  2. All of the ‘Additional Comments’ are anonymised and are then reviewed by the Parish Council. While this may take some time, the Parish Council understands this is more than just a yes or no exercise and individual households who took the time to write specific comments must be fully heard in this process.
  3. Any new potential funding options are considered. As the above actions may take some time, the Parish Council will continue exploring any other options to fund or part-fund the pavilion redevelopment.



The Parish Council appreciates the pavilion redevelopment is a long-running project and we are committed to ensuring all Cuxton residents are kept up to date with any next steps with this project. The Clerk will be providing updates on the Cuxton Parish Council website, via the Parish Council’s Facebook page, in the Cuxton Noticeboard and in the noticeboards which are located around the village.


It is hoped that the Clerk’s validation of a random sample of responses and the Parish Council’s analysis of the additional comments will be completed by the end of April. This will allow for further information to be provided in May’s issue of the Cuxton Noticeboard.



Information will only be provided via the above platforms and may be discussed at Parish Council meetings. Please do not contact the Clerk or Councillors directly as they will not be able to provide any other updates.





Dear Cuxton Residents,

The Parish Council has previously asked Cuxton residents what they would like from the Pavilion redevelopment, and you have requested a café, public access toilets, and a meeting place. Redevelopment plans are now complete (see drawings below).

We believe that the café and meeting place will be popular, sustainable and provide a focal point for village activities which will strengthen our community.

Funding Information

The Parish Council has applied for a grant of £250,000 from the Football Foundation and can add £100,000 in reserves towards the revised project costs. However, there is still a potential shortfall of £450,000.

To address this shortfall, Cuxton Parish Council can apply to the Government for borrowing approval to obtain a Treasury loan at a low, fixed interest rate over 25 years. If obtained, the loan will have an impact on the Parish element of every Cuxton household’s Council Tax (the precept). This has been calculated as an additional £27.31 a year (53p a week) per household.

We have exhausted the possibilities of further grant options and without applying for a government loan this project cannot be taken forward.

If you can afford £27.31 extra a year (53p a week extra), then please vote YES and help us take this project forward.

What Do You Think?

Do you love the idea of developing the Pavilion? Would you use it as a café or meeting place? Do you believe it will be a community asset? This decision affects the entire village, so it is important for residents to decide if the loan application is submitted or not.

Please let us know your thoughts by filling in the survey as part of the Pavilion Redevelopment Project Public Consultation.

Completing The Survey

You can either complete the paper survey which will be delivered to all houses in the village, or an electronic survey. Please only complete one survey as both versions are identical.

Click here to take the survey online.

We ask you to please return completed paper surveys in a sealed envelope addressed to the Clerk, Cuxton Parish Council. Surveys should be posted in the Pavilion letterbox in the Recreation Ground, or in the collection box in the library.

Please note that we ask for either your signature (print survey) or email address (online survey) as we may be required to undertake random sampling. We may use these details to validate you are a resident of Cuxton.

The survey closes at 4pm on Saturday 25th March 2023. Any responses received after this time will NOT be counted.

Want to know more about the project before you decide?

As well as the information provided here, Cuxton Parish Council will be hosting a number of information events to help residents make an informed decision.

Drawings will be displayed in Cuxton Library and members of the Parish Council will be available in the library to answer questions on the following dates:

  • 9am-12pm Tuesday 28th February
  • 10am-12pm Saturday 4th March
  • 9am-12pm Tuesday 7th March
  • 2pm-4pm Saturday 11th March

Yours sincerely

Carl Jensen,

Parish Clerk and RFO, on behalf of Cuxton Parish Council


Privacy Statement

As a Local Authority, Cuxton Parish Council is committed to all aspects of information law and data will be handled sensitively and securely before being disposed of correctly. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice