An allotment garden / plot is a piece of land, which can be rented by an individual for growing fruit and vegetables, for personal and family use.

Allotments come in a variety of shapes and size and provide an excellent opportunity to grow your own fruit and vegetables, meet new people and get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Cuxton Parish Council has a total of 77 allotments ranging in size from 3 to 11 rods, 1 Rod = 25 square meters. The annual rent is currently £5.50p for Rod with an additional water charge of £1.00 per Rod,  although, where an allotment has become overgrown, the first years rent may be waived for the new tenant.

Allotment Rules
The Allotment Agreement governs the rules for the allotments, to download a copy, please click on the following link: Allotment Agreement 2020

Becoming a Plot-holder
Currently there are no vacant plots, however there is a short waiting list in operation. If you are interested in becoming a  plot-holder please contact the Parish Clerk to register your interest at

Benefits of allotment gardening

Allotments provide many benefits for plotholders and their families. Plotholders often find that the benefits for themselves also impacts on their local environment and community too. Renting or visiting an allotment plot gives you an opportunity to enjoy, green spaces away from the pressures of modern living. Tending an allotment at your own pace provides regular physical exercise and occupies your mind. Meanwhile, the produce you grow can contribute towards a balanced, healthy diet. If you garden organically you can even reduce the amount of herbicides and pesticides your body consumes.

Being part of the gardening community on an allotment site brings an opportunity to meet and share experiences with people from all walks of life – a chance to learn from others and mentor newcomers or simply have a chat to pass the time of day. Children can benefit from spending time with their family on a plot, developing an awareness of where food comes from at a time when healthy eating and exercise are becoming increasingly important.
Learning and fun can both take place on a plot. People with a wide range of physical and mental health issues can find particular advantage from the health and social benefits of allotment gardening. Older people can find a particular congeniality on an allotment plot in later life. Taking advantage of some, or all, of these benefits can give allotment plotholders a tremendous sense of well-being. A sense of place, relaxation and belonging can offer therapy and solace.

Who else like me has an allotment?

People from all walks of life are allotment plotholders. Renting an allotment gives an opportunity to meet people from many different backgrounds, age groups and cultures. People from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds growing foods from the UK and around the globe. Women enjoying the freedom of their own plots. Families learning together about where food comes from. Organic growers and competitive giant vegetable champions practicing their own particular techniques. As well as meeting fellow plotholders on-site, many people now link up with plotholders in other parts of the country via allotments websites in order to swap growing tips, and share ideas and photographs.

Reproduced from; Allotments; a plotholders guide published by The Allotments Regeneration Initiative The GreenHouse, Hereford Street, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 4NA