Boundary Consultations

Proposed ward boundaryThe Local Government Boundary Commission for England is carrying out an electoral review of Medway Council.

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Officially, the aim of the electoral review is to recommend new ward boundaries, which alongside adding some extra councillors, will mean that each councillor represents approximately the same number of voters, (our current ward councillor, Matt Fearn, represents the most residents of all the councillors in Medway.)

The first phase of this review was a ‘Consultation on Warding Arrangements’, which took place between December 2019 and March 2020. No proposals had officially been made, but it was suggested that one idea would be to join parts of Strood with Cuxton and Halling ward.

Cuxton Parish Council, Halling Parish Council and number of residents took part in the consultations and argued against this. (Cuxton Parish Council’s Objection)

Today, 30th June 2020, the review has moved into its second phase and the commission have published their official recommendations, showing that in spite of the depth the feeling against it, they still intend to merge large areas of Strood into the Cuxton and Halling ward.

Members of the public are now invited to make their feelings on these specific recommendations known, in the ‘Consulation on Draft Recommendations’ phase of the review, that runs from today to 7th September 2020.

Have your say…

To view an interactive map of the draft recommendations, visit their consultation area. You can view both the existing and proposed boundaries, search by area or postcode, and have your say. A non-interactive image of the proposed ward boundaries is also available.

You can make a submission to the Medway electoral review:

  1. through their consultation area,
  2. by e-mailing, or
  3. writing to the following address:
    LGBCE c/o Cleardata
    Innovation House
    Coniston Court
    Riverside Business Park
    NE24 4RP