Cuxton Waste and Recycling Centre

At last night’s Parish Council Meeting, the matter of reopening the ‘tip’ was raised, as several residents have expressed their frustrations with this.

Whilst the decision to reopen is not within our remit, we have been asked to lend support to this matter and are happy to do so.

Apparently however, Medway Council themselves have received very few complaints and this situation will obviously undermine any decisions to reopen the site.

Cuxton Parish Council therefore urge any residents who have been inconvenienced by this closure to share their feelings with Medway Council in one or both of the following ways.

  • Send a letter of complaint to Medway Council,

You can do this via:


  • Add your comments to our new E-Petition:


This should only take a few minutes but please feel free to also share the link to local people.

We would like to get a sizeable response in time for the next Medway Council Meeting on Thursday 8th October.