Medway Council responses to Parish Council Enquiries

Matter: – Relocating the 30mph speed limit boundary to further down Bush Road, towards Warren Road.

Response (26.01.2024):

“We have now completed our investigation of the potential for relocating the start point of the 30mph speed limit in Bush Road, Cuxton westwards. As part of this process, we have undertaken a speed survey and have analysed the crash records.

It should be noted that the current speed restrictions in Bush Road generally accord with Department for Transport guidance, with the “built-up’ area that is subject to a 30mph speed limit being clearly defined near the current position of the start point. Although there are some properties to the west of this point, the character of the road there is clearly more rural in nature and is very different to the defined built up 30mph area.

The speed survey, undertaken in the section of Bush Road to the west of this point that is subject to the national speed limit, indicated that the 85 percentile speed of traffic (i.e. the speed below which 85% majority of traffic was travelling) was 37/38mph, which is significantly lower than the national speed limit of 60mph. Experience has shown that if the prevailing mean speeds are much higher than the proposed lower speed, it will not necessarily be successful in reducing the speed of traffic, and if a speed limit is set too low, it could be ignored altogether.

The analysis of the crash records indicated that the section of Bush Road concerned has a good safety record, with none having occurred there within the latest 5-year period for which records are currently available (up to the end of 2022).

Based on the outcome of the investigation, it would be difficult to justify relocating the start point of the 30mph speed limit westwards. However, we will continue to monitor the situation, and will reconsider the matter, should circumstances change. We also acknowledge that there are public footpaths and local walking routes in this area and will therefore investigate the possibility of providing some signs warning drivers of the presence of pedestrians.”

Matter: – Land slippage on Rochester Road

Response (25.01.2024):

“With regards the land slippage on Rochester Road, I can confirm this is being investigated by my team. As you have noted we have been undertaking surveys to enable us to progress a suitable design to retain this bank and safely reopen the footway. We are hopeful to have a design in place so that we can include this works in the new financial years programme.”