Vacancy for Parish Councillor – expressions of interest by 31st May 2023

Parish Councillor Vacancy – deadline for expressions of interest 31st May 2023


Cuxton Parish Council has a vacancy for an additional Parish Councillor. We are now accepting expressions of interest from eligible members of the Parish.


Below we have outlined what we are looking for in a new Parish Councillor. This is not an exhaustive list, but provides an overview of the key skills, experience and personal attributes of the ideal candidate for this position.


  Essential Desirable
Personal Attributes ·      Sound knowledge and understanding of local affairs and the local community and forward thinking ·      Can bring new skills, expertise or key local knowledge to the Council
Experience, Skills, Knowledge & Ability ·      Ability to listen constructively

·      A good team player

·      Ability to pick up and run with a variety of projects

·      Solid interest in local matters

·      Ability and willingness to represent the Council and their community

·      Good interpersonal skills and able to contribute opinions at meetings whilst willing to see others’ views and accept majority decisions

·      Ability to communicate succinctly and clearly

·      Ability and willingness to work closely with other members and to maintain good working relationships with all members and staff

·      Ability and willingness to collaborate with the Council’s partners (e.g., voluntary groups, other Parish Councils, principal authority, charities, etc)

·      Ability and willingness to undertake induction training and other relevant training

·      Experience of working or being a member in a local authority or other public body

·      Experience of working with voluntary and or local community/interest groups.

·      Basic knowledge of legal issues relating to town and parish councils or local authorities

·      Experience of delivering presentations

Circumstances ·      Ability and willingness to attend meetings of the Council (or meetings of other local authorities and local bodies) at any time and events in the evening and at weekends


Application Process:


The Parish Clerk will provide the details of all eligible candidates to the Parish Council for consideration.


The Council will then decide whether to interview all eligible candidates.


If there are multiple candidates, the existing Parish Councillors will vote. A candidate will be chosen by a clear majority.




If you are unsure if you are eligible to act as a Parish Councillor, please contact the Parish Clerk who will be able to provide more details on the requirements.


How to apply:


Any applicants should include the following details as part of their expression of interest:


  • Their first name and surname
  • Their reason/s for wishing to be a councillor
  • Details of any previous Community/Council work
  • Information on any skills the individual can bring to the Council


Expressions of interest should be submitted to the Parish Clerk via email on


The deadline for submitting an expression of interest is 31st May 2023.


Any submissions received after the deadline will only be considered at the discretion of the Parish Council.