Anonymous Crime Reporting with Crimestoppers…

I am sure that a lot of people have been aggravated by actions of people that they know, friends, family, Neighbours etc and wanted to tell the authorities what is going on but are too scared,

“What if they find out it was me!”

This is where the internal conflict occurs that you don’t want this person you know to cause further harm however you also don’t want to be ladled as a “Snitch” and ruin your relationship.

This is where crime stoppers come in.

Our guarantee of anonymity | Crimestoppers (

Crime stoppers promise to pass the information you share with the police without revealing who you are.The information gets written into intelligence reports and graded. These intelligence reports are used to gain warrants and plan operations to make your neighbourhoods safer.Just Think, you may have the missing piece of the puzzle to helping someone trapped In county lines gangs…


Message Sent By
Sean Humphrey
(Kent Police, PCSO, Medway Neighbourhood Task Force)