Double Yellow Line Consultation Outcomes

In the Autumn, proposals were made for the addition of new sections of double yellow lines in various roads within Cuxton.

Following the consultation, the Order has now been made (“sealed”) and the agreed markings will be installed over the coming weeks. These will be in the following locations

  • The Glebe – South side, 15m eastwards from No.27 in front of the private land / garages;
  • James Road – Both sides, extend the double yellow lines northwards by 7.7 metres;
  • Wood Street – East side, 8.2m length northwards from Woodhurst Close junction to No.11;
  • Woodhurst Close – North side, 20.1m length eastwards from Wood Street junction, outside

Please note the deletion of the following proposal, which is not proceeding:

  • Bush Road – the proposed 23m single yellow line opposite the junction of James Road;

Read the full order here