Postbox on Charles Drive Update

Following our enquiries, the Parish Council is pleased to report the response we have received…


“Thanks for your email regarding a post box that’s been removed, I am sorry for any concern caused by this.

I can confirm that, after making enquiries with the Collection Planning Manager, the box was hit by a car and had to be removed. The manager has confirmed the box will be replaced.

As a result, we’re liaising with the Highway Authority to obtain clearance for the site. We’ll also contact the utility companies to ensure the site doesn’t interfere with existing pipes or cables, etc. This process can take a number of weeks to complete but we’re hopeful we’ll be able to install the post box within the next twenty five weeks.

Thank you for contacting us and I hope this resolves your enquiry. If you need further help, please visit our Help and Support Centre on our website at”


Royal Mail